ABEL Mobilfunk

Your partner in mobile communications & telecommunications

ABEL Mobilfunk, a company of the ABEL Gruppe, is a leading service provider in the field of mobile communications & telecommunications and market leader in the field of radio access network construction in Germany. For decades we have been supporting our customers in acquiring, planning, implementing and launching mobile communication sites thereby increasing the quality of radio access networks. ABEL Mobilfunk is one of the few companies in Germany offering turnkey solutions while embracing end-to-end responsibility.
With our work, we are paving the way for the digital change in Germany. We are turning 5G, the internet of things and autonomous driving into a reality. Including the other companies of the group - ABEL Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG and ABEL ReTec GmbH & Co. KG - ABEL has more than 650 internal and external staff members.

Radio Access
Sites for wireless communication
ABEL has decades worth of experience in constructing radio access networks and offers turnkey solutions from the planning to the launch.
Indoor Radio Transmission
Being reachable inside of buildings
ABEL plans and constructs indoor radio systems for radio access services and TETRA-BOS in buildings and tunnels.
Microwave Transmission
Connecting sites and enterprises
ABEL is your competent partner for the planning and construction of microwave transmission systems of all types.